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Sewer Camera Inspection & Hydro Jetting

Our Sewer Camera Inspection & Hydro Jetting Service

Sewer Camera Inspection & Hydro Jetting

Common signs of issues with sewer laterals are:

  • Unpleasant sewer smell - Normally, sewer odors are prevented from entering buildings by water in drain traps or one-way vents. If the water in a trap evaporates, like in an unused sink, sewer odors can move up the drain. Improperly connected or damaged vent pipes might allow outdoor air pressure to push sewer odors indoors.

  • Excessive grass growth in the yard - A faulty sewer lateral could be leaking water and waste into the yard, leading to increased moisture and nutrients in the soil. This can cause the surrounding grass to grow noticeably faster and greener.

  • Sewer line backups - Blockages in sewer lines, such as root intrusion, debris, grease buildup, or pipe damage, can cause backups.

Video inspections of pipelines can detect various issues, including:

  • Root intrusion

  • Debris blockage

  • Sagging drain lines

  • Leaking pipe connections

  • Cracked sewer laterals

  • Separated lateral joints

  • Deterioration of piping materials

Our sewer camera inspections pinpoint the exact location and cause of leaks, helping to minimize repair expenses. Detailed reports provide the necessary information for making informed decisions about your sewer system.

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